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Sarah JM @ Miss KuNyot

Sarah JM @ Miss KuNyot

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Alahai Malangnya

19/01/2011 - WEDNESDAY

Assalamualaikum and morning everybody. Today Miss Kunyot will try her best to write her story in English. Don't laugh if Miss Kunyot make too many mistake yea. I'm still learning brouhaha. Recently, dat wednesday is my unlucky day in my whole life time. Wat The hahaha!!! Wanna know??? Oh yeahhh...

As usual I woke up early to prayer and taking breakfast at DM (DewaN Makan Kolej Pertama, UM). Before I go with my roommet@cotsmate, Wanie, i had sneezing so my hands was dirty la kan for sure. So, i go to the toilet to wash my hand. After that, I went to DM. There is a stairs you know. Hahahaha!!!! Tap tap tap i slowly walk then BEDEBUK!!!!!!!!! Huuuuuuu very hurt la. Dats happen becoz of my slipper thirsty and before that i entered in the toilet where the floor is wet. So, it makes me fell down huuuu...Very unlucky. This is my first time fallen at stairs. I will remember you forever wahai selipar dan tangga!!!!

At 9.30 I think, hmm go to KPS to draw out my money in ASB (PTPTN bile kamu nk masuk). Walk2 la through terminal bus. When time to cross the road I looked la left and right. CAK!!!!!!!!!, the left, whoooooohoooooo a dog with a very closed distance. Huuuuuu wat should I do. I'm so scared you know. Then, I slowly go to the Pakcik2 bus tu. Then, the dog go away. Actually that dog is kind (i Think la). Wah unlucky again. Not enough ke with the stairs. So walking again, I saw the dog very scared to cross the road becoz at the time too many cars on the road. Felt like i wanna help it. But hahahaha are you crazy. U afraid with it but yet u wanna help it hahahaha.

Then I reach to the KPS then go inside the Post Office to draw my money. Oklah I fill the form ASB. Go to counter, HAH!!!!!!!!!!! Hadoi, unlucky again, system ASB down la. Then I frust a little bit. How come it became like that, tired you know jaln kaki. If I have vehicles its ok la. Hmmm okla I accept that. Then, go to the faculty becoz have a group discussion.
Oklah maybe this is a test to me. Allah S.W.T wanted to test me. Ad hikmahnya. So accept jela this unlucky day. Hope it will not happen again. SAKIT wooooo jatuh.


From: Miss Kunyot


Anonymous said...

kak sarah sotong, kenape x pegi CIMB? kat situ pun boleh buat urusan ASB jugak.

Siti Sarah Jamaludin said...

owh ctu pun boleh ke..akak x tau hahaha

Anonymous said...

boleh, tp CIMB kat UM selalu offline. ade beberape bank yg jadi agen ASB. yg saye tau maybank dgn cimb je. yg lain tu kene check dekat website PNB.

mado'dorodox said...

k.teh i miss u

Siti Sarah Jamaludin said...

oh mado ada blog ke